A guide to Chattanooga’s vistas

April 9, 2024

They don’t call us the Scenic City for nothing.  

 Chattanooga’s mountains and ridges offer stunning city views and wild rugged vistas. Whether you’re a sunset chaser, Sunday driver, or just desire to get away from it all, Chattanooga has just what you’re looking for. 

 These are the vistas you don’t want to miss. 

 Point Park 

Point Park sits atop Lookout Mountain at its northernmost prominence and is the highest natural point in Chattanooga. This is the Crème de la crème, the quintessential Chattanooga vista. 

Shaped similar to a ship’s bow, Point Park offers nearly 180-degree views of greater Chattanooga and the surrounding mountains, which means there’s nothing you can’t see. Looking east, the snow-covered Appalachian Mountains can often be seen on clear days during winter. 

 Part of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, this historic battlefield was the pinnacle point in the Battle of Lookout Mountain. 

 Sunset Rock 

 Sunset Rock sits on Lookout Mountain’s western edge, just down the road from Point Park.  

As the name suggests, this cliffside spot is best known for its sunset views. Set up a hammock or lay out a blanket, you’ll want to stay here a while. 


Rock City 

 From Lover’s Leap, it’s said that seven states can be seen on a clear day. Rock City Gardens sits just across the state line in Georgia, and is by far Lookout Mountain’s most popular attraction. The 4,100-foot walking trail, which winds through towering rock formations and magical caverns, is well-known for its stunning views and mountainside waterfall. 

 Stringer’s Ridge 

Stringer’s Ridge rises above Chattanooga’s North Shore neighborhood. Though not particularly tall, its close proximity to downtown offers incredible views of the city. Stringer’s Ridge is a popular destination for hikers, joggers and bikers alike, boasting seven miles of trails. 

 Julia Falls Overlook 

 Julia Falls Overlook flaunts one of Signal Mountain’s most picturesque views of the Tennessee River, as it winds between Signal and Raccoon Mountains. Just a short hike from Signal Point, the trail leads to a west-facing limestone shelf, with plenty of room for picnics, hammocking and even photoshoots.  

 Snooper’s Rock 

 This is the textbook definition of a panoramic view. Snooper’s Rock is located at the center point along the bend of the Tennessee River Gorge, a couple of miles west of Chattanooga. It’s quiet and tranquil, but the view speaks volumes. 

 A Snooper’s Rock sunrise is on every Chattanoogan’s bucket list – and it should be on yours, too. 

 Missionary Ridge 


Chattanooga’s hidden gem, Missionary Ridge lies east of the city, bisecting downtown from its eastern suburbs. A single 8-mile road winds along the crest in a fashion, like Mulholland Drive, boasting an expansive western view of downtown Chattanooga and the surrounding mountains, perfect for a sunset drive. 


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