Best Hiking Trails in Chattanooga

March 15, 2016

Hiking Trails ChattanoogaA quick look out the window will tell you that spring has arrived in Chattanooga.  Though the weather can be volatile and variable this time of year, there is no doubt that warmer weather and sunnier skies are here to stay, which has outdoor enthusiasts gearing up for another exciting year of hiking and adventure in and around Chattanooga.  From it’s breathtaking scenery and it’s revitalized riverfront scattered with attractions, parks, and restaurants, to it’s rich history and a never-ending supply of outdoor adventures, Chattanooga truly is a city of endless fun.  Frequently touted as a top outdoors destination, there is no better way to spend a spring day in the Chattanooga area than an adrenaline-pumping hiking trip into the stunning hills and parks around us.  Book your room at our luxurious Tennessee Bed and Breakfast today.

Chattanooga’s Hiking Trails

The topography of Chattanooga is diverse and unique and suitable for anything from a simple day hike to an advanced backpacking trip.  From the rugged tabletop mountains of the Cumberland Plateau and the gently rolling hills of the Tennessee River Valley to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, there are endless acres of wilderness and hiking trails just waiting to be explored.  The most popular regional hiking trails are found on Lookout Mountain, Prentice Cooper State Forest and Cloudland Canyon State Park.

Lookout Mountain

Located just steps outside the door of our Bed and Breakfast are the 30+ miles of hiking trails on Lookout Mountain.  One of the most popular parks on this beautiful mountain is the 1.12 mile trail from Point Park to Sunset Rock along the bluff trail.  This hike starts with an incredible view out over Moccasin Bend, and along the way you’ll discover a portion of the famed Lookout Mountain’s history.  Those hikers looking for a challenge can cover Lookout Mountain from bottom to top along the Blue Beaver Trail, which earns its name from the  Union Soldiers who built the original trail.

Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park

Hiking ChattanoogaThe Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park is commonly known as the place where the Confederacy died.  The Union Army is thought to have delivered the fatal blow to the Confederate Army in the storied battles that took place on these grounds.  At the park,. you’ll find a 7-mile self-guided tour through the history of these grounds, as well as numerous other hiking trails, including the General Bragg Trail, the Memorial Trail, and the Historical Trail.  History lovers can also follow the Brown’s Ferry Federal Road Trace, which is a 1.2 mile trail leading to the Tennessee River and delineates the routes of the Cherokee in 1838 and of Union supplies in 1863.

 Prentice Cooper State Forest

This beautiful forest is only 10 minutes outside of Chattanooga, and rewards hikers with breathtaking vistas over the Tennessee River Valley.  In total, there are 35 miles of hiking trails, which includes the south end of the Cumberland Trail State Park.  the Cumberland Trail State Park itself is considered to be some of the best hiking in Tennessee, as it features some of the most scenic rock formations, cascading streams, waterfalls, and rocky gorges in the state.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park, located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain, is a wonderful place to enjoy the wildflowers this spring.  In fact, there are guided wildflower hikes occurring throughout March and April, and feature a beautiful walk through Sitton’s Gulch.  For more adventurous hikers, there is a rim trail around the gorge formed by Sitton Gulch Creek, and a series of staircases that lead to the bottom of the gorge as well.  Within the park, you’ll find two waterfalls cascading over the sandstone and shale walls.

Connecting Trails

Though there are many wonderful trails to explore in Chattanooga, long distance hikers also have unprecedented access to the extensive Eastern U.S. trail system right from downtown Chattanooga.  The Great Eastern Trail runs right through the heart of Chattanooga, and ultimately connects hikers up to the Appalachian Trail to the north in Virginia, and the Pinhoti Trail to the south, in Georgia.  In addition to these great trails, the Cumberland State Trail also has its beginnings on Chattanooga’s own Signal Mountain, giving hikers access to the rocky reaches of the Cumberland Plateau.

No matter where you choose to spend your days,you can’t go wrong exploring the endless hiking trails in Chattanooga.  Book your room at our romantic Tennessee Inn today.



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