Endurance Athletes Love Chattanooga

February 29, 2016

Endurance Athletes ChattanoogaSports in Chattanooga are popular throughout the year. Whether it’s rock climbing at Highpoint Fitness downtown or participating in the RiverRocks competition or the Chattanooga Ironman, endurance athletes the world over know how fun and adventurous a place Chattanooga can be.  As we head into the spring months, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for the various events and competitions that take place here annually.  The next upcoming event is the Chattanooga Marathon in early March.  If you haven’t booked your room with us yet, book it today, and then start planning your itinerary filled with fun during the days you’ll be Chattanooga.

Endurance Athletes Compete

Though there are sports both relaxing and exhilarating to enjoy in Chattanooga throughout the year, the big endurance races that occur throughout the year have become a mainstay in Chattanooga’s adventure-driven community.  These endurance events, whether it be a marathon, a triathalon or other, are a tremendous accomplishment for the athletes who attempt them.  But it’s quickly becoming about more than just the physical challenge.  For endurance athletes who make competing a regular part of their lifestyle, these big events are a chance to travel around to different parts of the country.  It’s a chance to experience the best each city has to offer, all while doing something they enjoy and are challenged by. It’s easy to see the draw to Chattanooga’s biggest sporting events when you look at it this way.

Endurance Athletes ChattanoogaThe excitement for endurance athletes in Chattanooga begins in early march, with the popular Chattanoga Marathon.  This marathon will offer runners an impressive tour of Chattanooga’s beautiful downtown, the scenic Tennesse River, and up to the base of Lookout Mountain. Following the Chattanooga Marathon this year in mid-March is the Raccoon Mountain Marathon, which offers runner’s the chance to explore off-road Chattanooga. Though this race features a combination of trail and road-running, don’t expect it to be flat or fast.  Despite this, the chance to see Chattanooga’s beautiful, if ever-so-slightly more rugged side, should not be missed.  One of the most popular events for endurance athletes in Chattanooga each year, is the Ironman Chattanooga, which happens in September.  This impressive race is popular for both athletes and spectators alike, and features a 2.4-mile swim in the Tennessee River, a 112-mile bike ride featuring stunning views of the mountains and countryside, and a full 26 mile marathon through Downtown Chattanooga. Following this great event in October is Chattanooga’s RiverRocks Festival.  This month long festival is filled with ways enjoy the outdoors scene in Chattanooga, and includes adventures such as rock climbing, trail running, kayaking, rowing, cycling, mountain biking, and paddling.  During the same time frame you’ll find Chattanooga’s last major endurance event, the Seven Bridges Marathon.  As it’s name suggests, the course winds its way through Chattanooga and crosses the scenic Tennessee River six times.  Whether you’re participating or just here to enjoy the spectacle of these great events, Chattanooga is a great city for endurance athletes.  Book a room at our luxury Chattanooga Bed and Breakfast, and get ready for an exciting visit to the Scenic City.

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