Poolside at Chanticleer

June 7, 2024

The South is known for its hospitality and, infamously, its humidity. Thankfully, we’re experts in both.


A summer afternoon spent at the Chanticleer pool is an afternoon well spent. For over 70 years our pool has kept our guests cool in the Georgia heat. Whether it’s to swim or just to sit poolside, Chanticleer welcomes you to relax in your own way.


Feeling sporty? Try your hand at bocce. We have a court right next to the pool. The goal is to throw your ball (bocce) as close to the smaller ball (the Pallino or Jack). The player whose bocce lands closest to the Pallino gains a point.


Shaded by towering trees, pure refreshment is found at the poolside in a peaceful setting – out of sight and out of mind, far removed from distractions. So bring a book or two for the lounge chair – you’ll want to stay here a while.

Don’t forget your swim trunks for your next stay with us! We’ll provide the towel.

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