These Are the Haunted Houses in Chattanooga You Need to Visit

July 11, 2019

If you didn’t know it, there are tons of haunted houses in Chattanooga to explore. Only for the brave, be prepared to be spooked and scared around every corner. Learn about the history of these haunted attractions, and ride the thrill throughout each room. Visit us and experience these eerie homes! And, if you’d like to learn more about what there is to do here in Chattanooga, TN, be sure to view our Vacation Guide. We’ve outlined the best excursions in nature, nearby attractions, lovely restaurants, and events that will complete your trip to our gorgeous city.

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Explore Haunted Houses in Chattanooga

Dread Hollow – Chattanooga, TN

Dread Hollow is the sister property to the well known Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern. With 20,000-square-feet, you’ll get chills around every corner. Legend has it that in the small town of Dread Hollow, Mercy Harker convinced patrons to persecute 13 innocent women for being witches. As Mercy’s dark plan unfolded, the clock tower she was watching in was struck by lightning, also leading to her demise. It is said that she, in all of her evilness, still haunts Dread Hollow and invites evil in. Since then, more people have disappeared in this town than anywhere else in America…beware!

Haunted Hilltop – Harrison, TN

At Haunted Hilltop, not only will you get the chance to meander your way through their newly renovated haunted house, but also make sure you gear up for their haunted hayride. Hold on tight as the carriage leads you through the dark forest with scares around every twist and turn!

The Haunted Barn – McDonald, TN

The Haunted Barn is great for both the light-hearted and those looking for a good fright. Enjoy some concessions, sit around the bonfire, and dance the night away with ghouls and ghosts! Or, enter the 12-room haunted house on your own, and find your way out. If you escape, then you must weave your way through the blacked out maze.

Even More!

If you’re looking for even more scares, two more attractions you should visit are the Barn of Fear in Cohutta, GA, and the Haunted Depot in Ringgold, GA. Enjoy an evening of ghost tours, bonfires, and haunted trails.

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