This Is the Lookout Mountain Hiking You Need to Experience

May 23, 2019

Lookout Mountain hiking includes over 35 different trails to explore. However, we’ve narrowed them down to the trails that offer some of the most beautiful views in all of Chattanooga. Take a look at the city from a whole new perspective over your next vacation! You can also use our complimentary Vacation Guide to plan out the rest of your trip. It lists some of the best restaurants, events, theatres, and outdoor excursions so you can see the city through the eyes of a local. Come and experience Chattanooga.


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The Best Lookout Mountain Hiking:

Cravens Trail to Sunset Rock

Cravens Trail to Sunset Rock is one of the most iconic paths on Lookout Mountain. You begin at Cravens House, which is a structure that was used in the Civil War as a lookout and headquarters for both the Union and the Confederacy. Then, you make your way up the 1.5-mile hiking trail with a gradual but steady incline. The trail is smooth and weaves you under the shade of the trees, until you make a final turn left to discover the view from Sunset Rock. Marvel at the sight of the Tennesse River bending its way through the mountains below, making for a truly stunning view of the surrounding area.

The Hike to Point Park

Another popular destination at Lookout Mountain is Point Park. While there are plenty of parks in the area, this historic 10-acres of land is where the famous Civil War battle, “The Battle Above the Clouds,” took place. You begin the same way as the hike to Sunset Rock, starting at Cravens House. Follow Cravens Hiking Trail until you intersect with Bluff Trail. Travel down this path for another mile, and you’ll reach the large, steel stairs that lead you directly to Point Park. Upon reaching the top, you gain beautiful views of downtown Chattanooga off in the distance as well as the Mocassin Bend.

The Hike to Glen Falls

For this quick, 0.5-mile hike, you begin at the Ochs Gateway Trailhead. You’ll descend a small hill, and follow the trail through the cool shade of the trees. Soon, you reach a beautiful wooden bridge followed by large, stone steps which then leads you to a small tunnel through the rocks. Once you pass, you’ll emerge on the other side at the gorgeous falls of this Lookout Mountain trail! See why this state

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