Visit Chattanooga’s Secret, Scenic, & Secluded Waterfalls

February 4, 2021

Springtime in Chattanooga. What a wonderful time! Wildflowers start popping up around town, sunny afternoons stretch a little longer each day, and all of the incredible waterfalls are in full force. Stretch your legs and go on a waterfall chasing adventure this spring and see how many of these beauties you can explore. 


Falling Water Falls 

North of Chattanooga near Signal Mountain lies Falling Water Falls. A short 0.3 mile hike will reward you with an impressive 110-foot waterfall. The parking lot is small and is easy to miss, but grab one of the 4 spots and you’ll be on your way. 


Fall Creek Falls 

For an adventurous day trip, take a scenic drive up to Fall Creek Falls State Park. This enormous park is filled with criss-crossing trails and boasts a couple of waterfalls in a small radius. Fall Creek Falls is a 256-foot waterfall with a trail down to the pool. You can also check out nearby Piney Creek Falls and the elusive Cane Creek Falls. 


Ruby Falls

One of the most unique land formations around, Ruby Falls is a sight to behold. This massive 145 foot waterfall flows underground and you can take a tour! A guided tour leads visitors under the rocks to explore a side of Earth that we rarely get to explore. 


Foster Falls

In South Cumberland State Park, Foster Falls frequently makes the list for best hikes in the entire country. While you may be mesmerized by the stunning views, keep an eye peeled for climbers as you can often see climbers scaling just about every rock in the park. 


Lula Falls

South of Chattanooga in Lookout Mountain, Georgia is a waterfall that few get the chance to experience. Lula Falls is a core piece of the Lula Lake Land Trust, a group that works to preserve the natural and historic landscapes of the region. You can only visit Lula Falls with a reservation, but every dollar goes right back into protecting the land.


Glen Falls

Tucked in between Lookout Mountain and St. Elmo, Glen Falls is your perfect easy access hike. A 2.1 mile trail will lead you through the canyon and to the falls. Along the way, pass by funky rock formations, quaint footbridges, and peek-a-boo sights of the town. 


DeSoto Falls

Just across the border in Alabama lies one of the best swimming holes in the region. On a hot day you’ll find visitors cooling off in the pools but if you visit before the summer heatwave hits, you’ll have this gem all to yourself. Hike around, explore the different falls, and learn about the A.A. Miller Dam which starts off the tiered falls. 


It’s hard to pick a favorite waterfall when there’s so many great ones right in our backyard. Take some time this spring to explore all of the wonderful waterfalls around Chattanooga. 


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